Ed Stacy



Ed co-founded IQ Capital in 2006 and has over 20 years’ deep-tech venture capital experience. Originally an engineer, he founded his first venture capital firm in 1996, investing in the first wave of UK internet companies, and has focused on early-stage technology investing ever since.Ed specialises in leveraging the subtle interactions between developing disruptive technology, discovering product-market fit, and optimising business strategy – in recognition that the most successful businesses are able to seamlessly integrate these activities from the start. Ed works with Paragraf, Senseye, Speechmatics, TurinTech, Imandra, causaLens, and previously on Privitar as their first VC investor.

He is a regular contributor to Forbes, commenting on the wider effects of disruptive technologies and on how society could and should respond, and he has a passion for identifying the key disruptive technologies of the future.

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